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First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room: my webpage is now hosted at, having moved from my previous domain name

As some of my readers will know, I host my webpage on my home network as a cheaper alternative that copes fine with the few users that do visit my site. 

In the UK (and many other countries I’m sure), broadband is provided by the ISP in 12-month or 18-month contracts. After that, prices skyrocket, in the hopes that users will not notice and continue paying the higher tariffs for broadband. 

As an attentive broadband user, our household switches ISPs as soon as the contract runs out. Usually, this transfer process is smooth, with a maximum of a day of interruption. Over the Christmas holiday period, while switching from BT to Sky, there was an error. BT claimed they had handed our broadband over to Sky, while Sky said they hadn’t received anything; the problem was Openreach – a company. which used to be part of BT but is now separate, which manages the fibre cabinets and the telephone wires. 

This issue persisted for some time, and our household was left with no internet for over a week. Visitors will have noticed this as was inaccessible for some time, leaving some error message on their screens. On 21/12/18 I received an email from the Freenom Review team with the following:

The Freenom Review Team has visited your website today. Unfortunately we have to say that today we cancelled your domain

The reason for the cancellation is that the website address you used for your free domain name was not accessible or did not follow the guidelines set in our terms and conditions.

I was rather disappointed that my domain was cancelled, although I do agree that it is in the Dot TK T&Cs:

The Dot TK Registry does not allow any free domain name registrations … where the content does not exist, shows an empty page, shows an error message, shows a ‘not available’ page …

Of course, nothing in the terms and conditions states that I can’t just re-register my domain name, however, a year of Freenom was a good headstart into the world of web hosting. I decided to order myself a ‘proper’ domain name from a more reputable company. For £10/year I purchased and now it is in my control.

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