Timothy Langer

Student and developer

About me

I am a computer science undergraduate at Imperial College experienced in Python, Android application development, and managing Linux servers (like the one hosting this page).

Outside the binary realm, I enjoy painting, gardening, photography, rowing and cycling.

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My projects


Developed an Android smartphone application involving a friendly octopus, that can be customised by the user and set as a screensaver or live wallpaper; it has 40 000+ downloads on Google Play.


Developed an Android application to track rowing sessions, performing time series analysis on accelerometer data to extract rowing-specific metrics such as stroke rate for instant training feedback.

This very website

With each year my server takes on new responsibilities, and now requires a significant time commitment to maintain. Træfik routes requests to Docker containers running Bitwarden, OpenVPN, Wireguard and Nginx. Pages are auto-generated with 11ty and secured with Let's Encrypt.