Timothy Langer

Student and developer

About me

I am a computer science undergraduate at Imperial College experienced in Python, Android application development, and managing Linux servers (like the one hosting this page).

Outside the binary realm, I enjoy painting, gardening, photography, rowing and cycling.

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My projects


Developed an Android smartphone application involving a friendly octopus, that can be customised by the user and set as a screensaver or live wallpaper; it has 30 000+ downloads on Google Play.


Created a password manager for Android from scratch, following Android data security best practices. For maximal user trust, the app is as explicit as possible about how passwords are handled and stored. Additionally, developed a secure Google Drive backup feature.

This very website

With each year my server takes on new responsibilities, and now requires a significant time commitment to maintain. Wordpress, OpenVPN, Bitwarden, Plex, Nextcloud and Nginx run in Docker containers behind a Traefik router, proxied through Cloudflare and secured with Let's Encrypt.