Server relocation + lowered speeds

Just a quick post to note that the server that this blog is hosted on has been moved. Along with the move is included a slower internet connection. The fibre is throttled at 50Mbps down and 9Mbps up. A noticeable downgrade from the previous 76Mbps down and 18Mbps up. You can tell that it’s throttled. Every time you run a speedtest, the speed jumps up to very decent speeds (120Mbps+) for a second or so and then rapidly descends to exactly 50Mbps. It’s a shame and I apologise for the halving in my server’s connections speed, but there isn’t anything I can do at the moment. All the available plans for the new postcode go up to 50Mbps and no higher. I can only wait for the nearest Fibre cabinet to start providing higher speeds.

I’ve set up the server to run a speedtest daily at 2:30am, you can see a graph of the results below

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